Dr. Tony Attwood and Craig Evans are proud to introduce their first book together. Previously, they brought you “Autism Hangout”, a question-and-answer style video series in which Dr. Tony directly addresses the most pressing questions of those touched by autism. Now, this unstoppable duo has refreshed these conversations and converted them into book form, creating an invaluable resource to keep helpful information present and available to the public.

Life for those who have been touched by autism can be confusing and full of questions. How can I best communicate feelings when I don’t have the words? Why would someone bully? What on Earth is my ASD child trying to tell me? Never fear, for Dr. Tony Attwood and Craig Evans have teamed up to answer the most pressing and pertinent questions, bringing honesty, humor, and boundless optimism into all situations.

You are not alone. Dr. Tony has answered over ten thousand questions regarding ASD, and has illuminated the mysteries of life with autism for people across the globe. Join this dynamic duo in their quest to make this imperative information accessible and useful to everyone.


Authors: Attwood Dr., Tony; Evans, Craig R.

ISBN-13: 9781941765807

ISBN-10: 1941765807

Publisher: Future Horizons

Published: October 2018