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Chill Foundation

Code Blue for Autism

Chill is a strength based social skills coaching program for young adults 18 plus on the autism spectrum. Chill is a ten-week program (one 2.5 hour workshop per week for ten weeks).
Supported by peer mentors, our interactive workshops use video illustration, peer demonstrations, role-play and social situation rehearsals. The program uses popular mediums of drama, music, film and social media to engage participants in a fun and creative experience.

Participants are streamed into workshops according to their current skills and capacity. Participant streaming maximizes the opportunity for our young adults to make connections with their peers during the program and establish new friendships.

For young adults on the autism spectrum.


Create Skills For Life

What Create Skills for Life offers
Create Skills for Life offers educational resources, for parents, teachers, and therapists, which are tailored to facilitate learning for children with developmental delay and learning difficulties. The specially designed ebooks and worksheets introduce activities that help to create essential skills needed for rich and positive relationships.

Rachel Cavanagh is the Founder and Director of Skills for Life


Autism: What Next?

Australia’s first go-to resource for people navigating an autism diagnosis.

  • Access to the best quality, evidence based information and resources.
  • Free and easy to use resource.
  • Designed and developed by teams of people with lived experience.
  • Features sections for both child and adult diagnosis.
  • Curated pathway designed to get you the information you need now.
For young adults on the autism spectrum.


Support Group for NT Partners

UK Based Group
This is an England-based group which meets in public venues to talk about the experience of the NT/AS couple or meet online. There are also special online presentations. Whatever is needed, you are not alone!